Lieberman Software Corporation surveyed nearly 150 IT professionals attending Microsoft Ignite 2015. The survey was designed to measure IT pros’ attitudes toward the capabilities of today’s cyber security tools to detect and stop advanced threats, the frequency of cyber attacks and more.

Microsoft Ignite was selected as the survey venue due to the demographics of its attendees. The survey was conducted anonymously.


2015 IT Professional Survey Highlights

  • 87% of respondents think that huge financial hacks are happening more often than reported – and occurring right under auditors.
  • 51% of those polled think that their network is targeted continuously by hackers.
  • 71% of surveyed IT professionals believe that an APT will attempt to breach their organization in the next six months.
  • 89% of survey respondents think that recently announced US federal government cyber security sanctions act as a deterrent to hackers.
  • Almost 30% of those polled are not confident that their IT security staff can detect a cyber attack attempting to breach their network.
  • 49% of respondents believe that external cyber attacks pose the bigger risk to their network, versus 35% who think that insiders are the larger risk.

2015 IT Professional Survey Analysis

Despite a profusion of regulatory compliance initiatives, data breaches remain a constant threat to organizations. At Lieberman Software we still see many IT auditors – ostensibly those trusted with understanding security best practices and providing corporate guidance – who take the easy route and accept any answers given by an IT department. A dangerous “point in time” mindset is particularly epidemic, and compliance is simply checked off once a year.

IT professionals are understandably aware of this situation. So the fact that 87% of survey respondents think that financial hacks are happening more often than reported, and right under the auditors, is not surprising.

Further, the fact that 71% of respondents expect an APT attack in the next six months, and 51% think that they are continuously targeted by cyber attackers is expected. Due to APTs and similar sophisticated cyber attacks, most enterprises have already been breached and scanned for vulnerabilities.

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