The 2015 edition of Lieberman Software’s annual Information Security Survey reports on IT security professionals’ opinions about the ability of security products to cope with today’s advanced cyber threats, security versus compliance, and other trends in cyber security.

Survey Highlights

  • Nearly 70% of respondents don’t believe that their organizations use their IT security products to their full potential.
  • Of those respondents, more than 70% believe that this situation places their organization at risk.
  • Perhaps one reason for these findings is that nearly 85% of those surveyed think that it’s a struggle to find skilled IT security personnel.
  • Meanwhile, cyber attacks are evolving at too fast a pace for IT pros to keep up with, according to more than three fourths of respondents.
  • And, more than 60% of security pros admit that their organizations have deployed a security product merely to meet regulatory compliance, rather than increase security.

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2015 Information Security Survey Analysis

The current state of IT security is a cyber warfare scenario where organizations are under continuous assault from zero day attacks and other advanced threats. To succeed in this cyber war, organizations must recruit top tier talent to their IT security departments, and deploy the most advanced cyber defense solutions.

The result of this survey indicates that most organizations have a difficult time hiring skilled security personnel, but there appears to be a correlation between increasing staff and improving security.

Meanwhile, on the security products front, too many organizations still fall into the compliance equals security trap. Deploying a product merely to satisfy an auditor may help with regulatory compliance, but often does nothing to reduce real security risks.

This survey reveals that more than two-thirds of IT pros don’t think they’re using their security solutions to full potential. While there may be a myriad of reasons for this belief, the survey makes one issue clear – without full utilization of its security products, organizations leave themselves open to heightened risks, according to a clear majority of information security professionals.

About the 2015 Information Security Survey

The survey queried nearly 170 IT security professionals attending RSA Conference 2015. All respondents were registered attendees of the show.

About Lieberman Software Corporation   

Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management solution automatically discovers privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise, brings those accounts under management, and audits access to them.

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