Lieberman Software’s 2014 Cloud Security Survey measures the opinions of IT security professionals toward the viability of the cloud as a resource for secure data storage.

Highlights include:

    • 80% of survey respondents choose to keep their sensitive data on their organization’s network, rather than the cloud.
    • 33% of those surveyed said the thought of government snooping deters them from keeping data in the cloud.
    • 75% of respondents think that the cloud applications their users download cause security headaches.
    • Nearly 55% of respondents work in organizations with more than 1,000 employees.

Download the white paper Managing Privileged Identities in the Cloud.  

Cloud Security Survey Analysis

When Lieberman Software ran a similar survey in November, 2012, 48% of respondents were discouraged from using the cloud because of fear of government snooping; while 86% said they preferred to keep sensitive data on their own network, rather than the cloud. These findings indicate that trust in the security of the cloud has increased over the past year.

IT security professionals most likely realize that the cloud often provides the best security for storing critical data, and usually has more security resources than most companies can implement internally.

The 2014 Cloud Security Survey was conducted among 278 registered attendees of RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA. All responses were anonymous.

Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management solution provides full automation and programmatic orchestration of privileged credentials generated on a massive scale by large multi-tenant organizations. With RED Identity Management, the discovery, auditing and access control of credentials in large enterprises and service providers can be managed entirely by machines, rather than through direct human interaction.

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Download a copy of the white paper Managing Privileged Identities in the Cloud.  

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