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How a Cyber Attack Succeeds

Now that you’ve been attacked, here’s what you can expect to happen next:

Once hackers get past your perimeter defenses, they look for ways to expand their access. They search for SSH keys, passwords, certificates, Kerberos tickets and hashes of domain administrators.

Their goal is to use these stolen credentials to escalate privileges, move between systems on your network, and anonymously extract data at will. And they do so at their leisure. According to Mandiant, hackers maintain access on the network for an average of 229 days before they’re discovered.

Stopping a Cyber Attack in Progress

Hackers use your stolen credentials to leapfrog from system to system until they find what they want. We help you stay one step ahead of them by changing privileged credentials faster than hackers can exploit them.

Our active cyber defense solution operates in real-time to contain cyber attacks that breach the network perimeter. We start by automatically discovering privileged accounts throughout your network. We then quickly generate unique and complex credentials for each account – time-limiting the use of a captured credential.

Intruders who penetrate your network are blocked from advancing their attack in your environment. And by continuously rotating privileged account credentials, you’re already prepared to stop the next inevitable cyber attack.

You Are Not Alone

According to research from Mandiant, 97% of organizations have been breached at least once. That’s because today’s advanced cyber attacks are carefully targeted, distributed on a mass scale, resistant to perimeter security, and able to avoid detection.

We’ve helped many of these breached companies stop intruders in their tracks. We can do the same for you.

In active cyber attack scenarios, when perimeter security fails and manual fixes take too long, contact Lieberman Software.

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