COM+ Manager Pricing and Licensing

COM+ Manager Base $299.00 (no licenses) +
COM+ Manager - Server License - 5 Pack Per machine managed license: $6.00
(sold in packs of 5 – $30.00/5)
COM+ Manager - Server License - 25 Pack Per machine managed license: $5.00
(sold in packs of 25 – $125.00/25)
COM+ Manager - Workstation/Device License - 100 Pack Per machine managed license: $4.00
(sold in packs of 100 – $400.00/100)
COM+ Manager - Workstation/Device License - 500 Pack Per machine managed license: $3.00
(sold in packs of 500 – $1500.00/500)
COM+ Manager - Workstation/Device License - 1000 Pack Per machine managed license: $2.00
(sold in packs of 1000 – $2000.00/1000)
Site License $5,000

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance is available in one, two or three year terms and is required with the initial purchase. We will notify you approximately 90 days prior to the expiration of your support and maintenance term. Renewals are optional.

  • One-year maintenance is 20% of the purchase price.
  • Two-year maintenance is 35% of the purchase price.  (Save 5%)
  • Three-year maintenance is 50% of the purchase price.  (Save 10%)

Benefits of the support and maintenance program include:

  • Priority 24 x 7 email support and live telephone support from Monday-Friday, 2AM-6PM PT from Lieberman Software's support professionals. An upgraded 24x7x365 live telephone support option is also available.
  • Access to online product documentation, an interactive customer forum, and training webinars.
  • Immediate access to product updates and major upgrades without additional fees.

COM+ Manager Optional Components

The managed system licenses are used to access the core functionality of COM+ Manager. There are additional free modules that can be downloaded and used with COM+ Manager. See the table below. 

Product Requirements Function/Features
VNC Password Retrieval (VNCPass) Need a version of VNC Viewer and Server (RealVNC/TightVNC) installed on the same machine as UMPS. Allows for transparent installation, removal, management and usage of VNC on remote systems with or without the knowledge of the current password. Performs remote decryption and access if you are an administrator on remote system.
SMTP Express None. Provides local email server for use by COM+ Manager. This is used when you do not have an SMTP server available for sending reports and alerts from COM+ Manager.