Manage Expired and Inactive Windows User Accounts

Account Reset Console (ARC) is mostly known for its abaility to let delegated users securely reset their own passwords without involving the Help Desk staff. But did you realize that it can also scan your user accounts and automatically disable the stale or unknown accounts it identifies?

ARC is an automated password management system that can identify accounts with expired or near-expired passwords, or accounts that have been inactive for a certain number of days.

When ARC locates inactive accounts, a warning email is sent to those users requesting that they logon, and the IT or Help Desk staff is notified. If the accounts remain inactive after the warning, the product automatically disables them.

Mitigating IT Security Breaches

By identifying and quickly disabling inactive user accounts, potentially serious security breaches into the Windows network are closed. The risk is that stale accounts can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to sensitive company resources.