Web Reporting

Your IT administrators and security auditors require convenient access to information about the status and configuration of the Windows systems in your enterprise. At the same time, you need to secure this data from unauthorized sources.

Web Reporting, included in User Manager Pro Suite, lets you balance these two initiatives. It allows all reports generated by User Manager Pro to be viewed through a delegated and audited web interface, ensuring that only appropriate staff has access to sensitive information.

The constant, real-time stream of system and security data created by User Manager Pro are stored in your SQL Server or MSDE database. From there, the data can be accessed by Web Reporting though any browser.

Regulatory Compliance Reports

All logons, logoffs and report retrievals are audited. Access to the web portal is controlled by Windows group memberships, and access to the reports is controlled by group memberships and report type. The stored reports generated by User Manager Pro can be exported into Excel spreadsheets to share with security auditors, or sorted and filtered so that specific information can be located quickly.