Self-Service and Help Desk Password Resets

Resetting users’ forgotten or expired passwords is one of the most common IT tasks. Besides being a productivity loss to users, it's also a drain on Help Desk or Sys Admin time. It’s a frequent problem that calls for an automated solution.

Account Reset Console is a password management tool that grants your users a secure and audited method for resetting or unlocking their own Windows accounts, without involving the IT department. Users can reset their passwords from the Windows Logon screen via a "Forgot Password" link on their systems, or through a secure web interface accessible from any shared kiosk on the network.

During the password reset process, users are authenticated by personal questions before any password reset occurs. The number of personal questions and the complexity of the answers can be configured by your IT administrators. 

In addition, Account Reset Console can support password resets by Help Desk staff, allowing you to implement a reset process that best meets your company’s requirements.