Insider threats and cyber attacks exploit unsecured privileged credentials to access and steal valuable data. What can be done to stop these costly data breaches?

Network World set out to answer that question by taking a technical deep dive into the six leading privileged identity management solutions.

Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) was featured in the product review. Here’s an excerpt:

“Resetting passwords for Windows devices can be tricky as there are loopholes that would allow existing connections to remain intact. This is the basis of the so called golden ticket type attacks where hijacked sessions remain active and renew the credentials of other users in the event of a password reset.

ERPM defeats this by automatically changing all Windows passwords twice in rapid session, which is set by a single check box in the administration panel. Changing the password twice forces an urgent replication throughout the entire organization. This would expire the golden ticket’s credentials since it would be two iterations behind. As a precaution, ERPM can be set to always do double password changes like that even for routine rotations on a set schedule.”

Read the rest of the review to find out why Network World said ERPM, “proves that there is more than one way to achieve good Privileged Identity Management.”