Local Account and Group Management

Managing local accounts and groups is a critical part of running a secure Windows environment. But visiting all your servers and workstations often enough to verify and maintain proper configuration can be a daunting task.

User Manager Pro manages local accounts and groups across hundreds, or even thousands, of machines in a single action. The managed configurations can include group membership, password rotation, removing unauthorized accounts, setting rights and password policies, and more.

With User Manager Pro’s “Move All Except” capability, host-specific exceptions for user accounts, group membership and group membership configurations are easily supported.  These Account and Group Management functions can also be performed on Local Systems, as well as Active Directory domain accounts and groups.

With “Move All Except” you can keep some of your users in their current local group and move other users to a new local group that you set up. And that's especially useful for moving members of the local administrators group to a less privileged group, to ensure that you're maintaining proper access rights on your network.