Intensive Care Utilities Revision History

Current Version: 4.20
Build: 040827
Released On: August 27, 2004

  • Corrected problem with System Builder where password hashes were not being exported reliably. If a customer tried to directly export accounts after capturing without first opening and then saving the password management dialog, none of the passwords would be exported unless the "Only Export Passwords" checkbox was set. This has now been corrected so that password exports work in all circumstances.
  • Added a new password setting option to the System Builder to optionally set the password of a machine account to the lower case version of the machine account name without the trailing dollar sign. This is to support the reset of machine accounts to their initial state so that a machine can be rejoined to the domain as though it were a new system.
  • Rewrote RAS Importer and Exporter to support NT through Server 2003. Old version might report error 120 when operating against Server 2003 systems in some circumstances. Problem caused by Microsoft disabling legacy support for NT RAS management API in Server 2003.
  • Corrected problem in System Builder where RAS settings from captured systems were not being exported. Only manually edited entries were being exported in previous versions of System Builder.
  • Added code to handle possible interminable hang on password export in Capture Generator when exporting from Server 2003 system set with extremely high security settings.
  • Corrected error in exporter where spurious extra rights/privileges could appear on machine accounts.
  • Revised System Builder logging so that attempts to add memberships to a group where membership already exists will not generate log message.
  • In System Builder (Resolve | users) when deleting a large number of accounts from a remote system or from the local database, a very long confirmation dialog would be created where the buttons to press would appear off screen). List in dialog is now truncated with an ellipse at the tenth system. Confirmation dialog now lists the number of accounts that will be potentially removed.
  • Corrected random pop-up of demo warning after 10 user accounts were processed. Occurred in System Builder when performing RAS settings export using a commercial license key.
  • Added checkbox in System Builder Export step to control the export of special Windows 2000 and above SAM flags. These flags control the enablement of smart cards, delegation and other rarely used options. When exporting from Windows NT to 2000 and above, this checkbox is normally left unchecked.
  • Fixed formatting in Capture Generator to properly split lines containing privileges exported to each user.
  • Corrected revision time stamp on System Builder log.
  • When exporting users using a capture file that lacked group information, none of a user's group memberships were exported. Behavior has been changed to allow per user group memberships to be exported by default.

Previous Version: 4.10
Build: 040817
Released On: August 18, 2004

  • Improved handling of user lists for better speed and handled case of listing users when active deletion is in progress in background.
  • Updated licensing code to handle machine names longer than 14 characters
  • Updated documentation

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