Zone Processing by Enterprise Random Password Manager

Enterprise Random Password Manager’s zone processing feature improves the performance of this privileged identity management solution in large, geographically dispersed environments, or in environments with security-restricted DMZ systems where standard communications are not allowed.

Zone Processors
Zone processors are scheduling services deployed remotely to manage systems in the associated region. They communicate back to a centralized database for all of their job information.

By installing specialized deferred processors at remote sites, all enterprise password management operations can be conducted on the managed systems' local network, rather than utilizing one centralized console for the entire enterprise. Only SQL traffic is transmitted back to the central database from the zone processor, effectively minimizing bandwidth usage over already saturated WAN links.

Meeting SLAs and Regulatory Compliance
Zone processing results in improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs), an imperative of large, multinational enterprises. Dedicating a process on a local machine to privileged account password management provides failover and load balancing capabilities that increase network responsiveness. Zone processing also helps organizations more effectively meet regulatory compliance mandates that require shared account password updates to be completed within a limited period of time.

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