Lieberman Software Customers Overview

Lieberman Software has helped more than 1,400 customers around the world defeat advanced security threats, meet regulatory compliance requirements and boost IT productivity. Our products are widely deployed and used on a daily basis by security conscious organizations from the mid-market level to the largest multinational enterprise. 

Our clientele consists of organizations from every major vertical market segment including government, defense, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and retail. We target the IT administrators, managers and executives charged with ensuring the security and operational integrity of their organizations' computing infrastructures.

New features, functionality and performance enhancements are continuously integrated into our products to meet evolving market needs. Our reputation for delivering reliable, innovative and frequently updated products has generated a loyal base of repeat customers.

To learn more about how Lieberman Software can help you secure and manage your enterprise, view our customer success stories detailing how your peers are benefiting from our privilege management and security management products.