Auditing and Reporting on Password Management

The password management actions of Account Reset Console are logged and viewable to authorized users. Through the Account Reset Console web interface, IT administrators can view a full audit trail of the actions performed on user accounts.

Oversight control is provided through the tool’s auditable logs. Successful and failed logons and password change re­quests are recorded to a central database. 

Report on Password Reset Activity

Account Reset Console can create daily reports about inactive accounts and accounts whose passwords will soon expire, and then notify IT staff and end-users of these results. This is especially beneficial to companies with remote users who may not otherwise receive password expiration notifications.

These reports also assist with maintaining regulatory compliance. Mostindustries face compliancerequirements that include periodicpassword changes, auditable accesstrails and strict controls for userswith access to internal data. Account Reset Console helps organizationsmaintain compliance with these standards.

The scheduledand on-demand reports alert senior management and IT about account issues inthe network. Based upon the reports, IT administrators can take action - such as disabling accounts whose passwords are more than 90 days old.