2012 BYOD Survey

There's been much media discussion around the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon, but how much of it is marketing hype? Do employees who bring their own smartphones, iPads or similar devices to work – and connect them to their employers’ networks – risk losing personal data? Do these devices pose a real security threat to the enterprise?

Lieberman Software set out to learn more in a survey at InfoSec Europe 2012 in London. The company's 2012 Survey of IT Professionals - BYOD reports attitudes toward the BYOD trend from nearly 250 IT professionals throughout Europe in organizations of all size.

The survey revealed that:

  • 67% of respondents do think that BYOD increases IT and security costs. 
  • 43% of respondents worry that BYOD could lead to virus infection to the organization.   

Lieberman Software develops privileged identity management products, including Enterprise Random Password Manager, that audit and secure access to systems with an organization's most sensitive data. 

BYOD Survey: The Details

Do you believe that allowing employees to connect their own devices (such as USB drives, mobile phones, portable PCs and home computers) to the corporate network:

Increases costs: 67%
Reduces costs: 23%
Not sure: 10%
 BYOD Survey Impact
Which of the following scenarios has caused the biggest headaches in your organization?

Employee device causing a virus: 43%
Employee losing device: 26%
Employee stealing data: 22%
Combination of responses: 7%
No answer: 3%
 BYOD Survey Headaches
What is the size of your organization?

More than 1,000 employees: 49%
Less than 100 employees: 24%
101 - 500 employees: 17%
501 - 1,000 employees: 11%
 BYOD Survey Company Size

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