Account Reset Console Revision History

Current Version: 6.0.1
Build: 32 bit = 120323, 64 bit = 120326
Released On: March 26, 2012

  • Complete rewrite using ASP.NET. No more dependency on classic ASP
  • Added: RSA two factor pin generation
  • Changed: Language on most dialogs
  • Changed: New look and feel
  • Changed: Removed left nave bar, navigation now menu based
  • Updated: DB query efficiency
  • Updated: RSA two-factor certification
  • Fixed: Scheduled Tasks not always running on scheduled basis
  • Fixed: Group delegation cases sensitivity
  • Fixed: Colons included in emails would cause email to be truncated at the colon
  • Fixed: Tasks could be deleted on upgrade
  • Fixed: Logon provider for 2003 & XP systems file dependencies could kill an install
  • Fixed: Logon provider settings file comments were not honored
  • Fixed: Logon provider would not function with 64bit arc version

Previous Version: 5.01
Build: 090518
Released On: June 1, 2009

  • Added: Multiple arc websites may now be synchronized with each other - high availability
  • Added: Native 64bit support
  • Added: User selectable verification questions
  • Added: RSA two factor authentication support
  • Added: Logs may now be exported from the web interface
  • Added: Encryption added to portions of the database.
  • Changed: management reports have been combined with account tasks
  • Changed: explicit right of "allow reset of other user's account has been removed" as redundant since admin still had to allow explicit rights for group management
  • Changed: certain default behaviors that were typically enabled by admins are now enabled by default
  • Changed: default behavior of helpdesk password reset features when options were set to optional - password expiration flag is no longer enabled by default
  • Removed: rich text email support - only HTML and TXT are supported

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